History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 1992 - Year 4

Once again, the carnival ran for 4 days - this time from August 27th to 30th. It featured Opening Ceremonies at 7pm with a free BBQ of turkey sausages from Elmira Poultry. On Friday, Kids Day had everything from face painting to juggling lessons, and of course, buskers.

New for that year was the introduction of the now familiar Vaudeville Show on Sunday afternoon. This family event highlighted every busker act and proceeds from the hat went to the not-for-profit carnival to help provide funding for the following year.

Comedy classics (silents and shorts) were shown outside The Princess Cinema on Friday and Saturday evening.

Randy Warren was Chairman this year. Familiar busker volunteers, Tracey Johnston-Aldworth and Irene Tyhurst were on the committee.

The busker lineup was comprised of:

Flying Bob Debris, Saskatoon - juggling, wire walking, unicycling, fire eating

The Breithaupt Puppets, Waterloo - puppetry, storytelling

Streetlights, Toronto - juggling, unicycling

Glenn Singer, West Virginia - mime, horse skills

Ron Pearson, Edmonton - magic

Peter Gloss, Boston - magic, comedy

Reverend Chumleigh, Washington State - rope walking, mentalism, comedy

Carl Shenk, Toronto - unicycling, juggling

Tim Eric, Florida - escape artist

Boris Funovich, Boston - juggling, acrobatics, puppetry

Dan Looker, Connecticut - balancing, acrobatics, puppetry

Bill the Juggler, Vancouver - juggling, pie-in-the-face award

Circus Delights, Ottawa - organ grinder

Caught In The Act, Calgary - juggling, comedy, magic

Love 22, Rhode Island - abecedarian (calculate number to words, phrases)

Theatre Sports, Waterloo - comedy, improv>

Paul Haslem, Fordwich ON - music, hammered dulcimer

Jeff Bradley, Toronto - juggling, comedy, vaudeville