History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 1993 - Year 5

It was the 5th Anniversary of the carnival. Chairman, Randy Warren, and his volunteer committee pulled out all the stops to celebrate. Not only did the Opening Ceremonies include a free turkey sausage BBQ but free birthday cake was also served. Miss K-W, Melissa Maguier, was on hand as were members of the upcoming 1994 Waterloo Firefighters Calendar. The Waterloo Warriors Band provided music while cheerleaders from high schools across the Twin Cities (Kitchener-Waterloo) performed cheers and precision movement.

Randy Warren noted "Over the past 4 years, the Waterloo Busker Carnival has grown into a first rate, nationally-recognized carnival". In fact, a 1992 Chatelaine Magazine mentioned the carnival as one of the reasons that Waterloo was one of the 10 Best Places to live in Canada.

Once again, the familiar faces of Tracey Johnston-Aldworth and Irene Tyhurst joined other hardworking volunteers on the busker committee.The carnival was 4 days and ran from August 26th to August 29th. An outdoor music concert and various busker acts were featured outside The Huether Hotel on Friday from 6pm to 1am. Fundraising for the carnival continued on Sunday with highlights from every busker in The Vaudeville Show.

The 5th Anniversary lineup of buskers included:

Madame Buskerfly, Toronto - worlds tallest free standing ballerina, comedy

Raol S.W. Danger, Winnipeg - juggling, balancing, escape, stilt walking, fire eating

Hotcha Chmarzinski, Toronto - comedy, magic, circus skills

Jason Billows, Ottawa - comedy, fire act, improv

Lee Ross, Massachusetts - mime

Lula the Clown, Washington - juggling, stilt walking, balloon sculpting, unicycling

Jeff Hill, Toronto - magic

Paul Haslem, Fordwich ON - music, hammered dulcimer

Jonathan Dark, California - cups and saucers feats

Virgo the Eccentric, Ottawa - magic, escape

Jacquelyn Brown, London- harpist

Rex Boyd, Kansas - juggling, comedy, dancing

Streetlights, Toronto - juggling, unicycling

Robert King, Massachusetts - storyteller

Bill the Juggler, Vancouver - juggling

Fred Anderson, California - comedy, juggling, magic, escape

Greg Tarlin, Toronto - juggling, unicycling