History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 1995 - Year 7

Tracey Johnston-Aldworth headed up the volunteer committee and noted in her Welcome message in the program "Weve been working doubly hard this year to bring you the finest in family entertainment. Our venue of performers is extraordinary, our special events cant be missed, and our kids' area holds lots of surprises!"

Running from August 24th to 27th, the four days started with Opening Ceremonies at 6:30pm on Thursday and, along with various buskers, included the Waterloo Concert Band. A childrens area with rides, clowns, and more was featured each day while Saturday had Kids Juggling Workshops in the afternoon. Once again, the Late Night Adult Show brought "weird, wild, wacky, and completely out of control" starting at 11:30pm on Saturday night. Then the final day on Sunday was capped by the Vaudeville Show at 4:30pm with "a family-style event combining old fashioned entertainment with new fashioned flair".

The 1995 busker lineup included:

The Arrogant Worms, Toronto - stage theatrics, comedy, music

Bob Cates, Hamilton - juggling, comedy

Dr. J, Family Humourologist, Vancouver - madcap comedy

Alexir Elixer, Vancouver - juggling, tight rope

walking, comedy

Tim Eric, Florida - escape artist

Chuck Fayne, California - illusions, magic

Jeff Hill, Toronto - magic, illusions, escape

Invisible Masters, Halifax - marionettes, music

Junkyard Symphony, Ottawa - unique music on household items

Kalonymus, Baltimore - comedy, acrobatics

'Pino' Diane Wasnak, California - clowning, acrobatics, tight rope walking, bicycle stunts

Rhythm in Shoes, Turo, Nova Scotia - dance, comedy

Lee Ross, Colorado - mime, music, comedy

Rami Salami, Boston - balloon twisting

Jose Torres Tama, New Orleans - poetry, comedy, juggling

Masaji Terasawa, Florida - Japanese toffee sculpting, origami

Truly Remarkable Loon, Wisconsin - juggling, comedy



Special Note: Sue Todd illustrations not only adorned the cover of the 1995 program but were also found in ads by 25-year carnival sponsor, Airways Transit, and long-time sponsor, Traces Screen Printing.