Duo Hoops
Montréal, Québec

One enormous hula hoop, two eccentric characters… and way too much fun! 

David and Becky are a lovable, dynamic duo, despite their flaring personality differences. Duo Hoops will dazzle you as much with their tricks as with their bizarre wit and absurd humour.

The Duo Hoops was conceived in 2002, shortly after Becky and David met. At the time Becky did not speak French very well nor David English. They learned to communicate on stage (and in life) with little to no words and have created a show that combines elements of physical comedy and circus skill that require no text.

Today the show is performed in both English and French, but text remains limited as they have remained true to their original desire to communicate with the audience via physical comedy. They have performed together in Canada, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico to name a few. Don’t miss them, they will seriously knock your socks off!

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