Reuben DotDotDot
Reuben DotDotDot on his hands with his body bent backwards
Melbourne, Australia

Reuben DotDotDot… is a multi award winning blend of smooth sippin’ comedy and acrobatic finesse. Reuben’s quick wit and unique style was first distilled on the streets of Melbourne and has been refined over 17 years performing at festivals, events, circus and streets around the world. Enjoy neat, or on the rocks, wherever you find good entertainment.

Pushing the limits beyond upside down!
An acrobatic handstand stunt show with style. Bringing you more skill, thrill and overkill… Putting a hat on with his feet, balanced, precariously, perched on one hand high in the air, this show is spectacular, unforgettable, inverted, and above all: Well Balanced!

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