History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 1991 - Year 3

The 3rd annual Waterloo Busker Carnival was held from August 22 - 25, 1991 over 4 days.

Randy Warren and Tracey Johnston-Aldworth co-chaired this year's carnival and have been the longest-running volunteers on the executive to date.

Touting "The Buskers Are Back", the carnival's advertisement noted Opening Festivities on the Thursday night, Kids Day on Friday afternoon, and UpTown Day featuring Disney dancers from the Academy of Dance on Saturday followed by Fire Night that evening at dusk. Fire Night consisted of 8 buskers who were well-versed in the art of juggling, swallowing, and tampering with fire.

Friday and Saturday nights featured "Film Under The Stars" a free comedy silent film festival outside the Princess Cinema.

A new logo with the busker face and juggling pins appeared for the first time on advertising and posters.

There were 18 acts in total including:

Andrew Elliot, Australia - magic, fire eating, sword swallowing

The Breithaupt Puppets, K-W - storytelling, puppetry

Hotcha Chmarzinski, Toronto - circus skills

Wyndsong & Cheez, Chicago - puppetry, juggling, painting

Peter Gross, Boston - magic, improv

Rebels with Applause, Toronto - juggling, unicycling, stilt dancing

Tom Frank, Cincinnati - magic, improve

Theatresports, Waterloo - improve

Kalonymus - acrobatics and comedy

Ron Pearson, Edmonton - cycling, comedy, improv

Flying Bob Debris, Saskatoon - juggling, wire walking, fire eating, music, comedy

Michael Ross, Toronto - magic

Greg Tarlin, Toronto - juggling

Tim Eric, Florida - escape artist

The Dirt Road Blondes, Waterloo - storytelling

Sparkle T. Clown, Cambridge - clowning, storytelling, balloon artistry, magic

Al Shakespeare & Cindy Day - comedy, music, juggling

Danny Lord, New York City - magic, pantomime, comedy, juggling


Special Note: Al Shakespeare began his professional career in the theatre (and busking) while still in his teens. For over 30 years, he's been an actor, writer, director and producer. He currently works for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. And he has run for the U.S. Senate. Cindy is his wife and they have two children.