History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 1996 - Year 8

A few new twists were added to this year's carnival held August 22 - to 25, 1996 including a Busker Fringe Festival on the 22nd at 3:30pm. Local amateur performers were invited to compete for prizes and an opportunity to perform at a coveted spot on the street during the carnival. For the first time, a schedule of busker performances at the Parkade Pitch was published. There were bleachers at the Main Stage and Sue Todd souvenirs (once again her incredible illustration was featured on the program cover).

UpTown Waterloo and Pillers hosted a community BBQ on Thursday evening.

Lynne Sosnowski, the 1996 Chairperson, noted "Our mission statement reads: To create a showcase on the street of high quality and un-ordinary performers and events for anyone and everyone." Judge for yourself with the 1996 lineup of buskers:

Flying Bob, Saskatoon - tight rope walking, juggling, unicycling, comedy, music

Jim from The Jim Show, Boston - juggling, comedy

Twirlee De-Lite, California - basketball tricks

Zandra Bell, Edmonton - comedy, music

Magic in Motion, Walkerton ON - magic, escape, juggling, mime

Peter Gross, Boston - magic, improv

The Pedestrian Project, New York City- mime, pedestrian sign characters completely in black costumes

Jenny Armstrong, Chicago - bagpipe, singing, storytelling, fiddling

Dufflebag Theatre, London ON - classic fairy tales in action, audience participation

Tawny Ross, Alymer,Quebec - magic, juggling, audience participation, fire act

Spring Action Circus, Ottawa - trampoline, acrobatics, comedy, audience participation

Sean Rooney, Mississauga - balloon artistry

Mardene Rubio, Baltimore - comedy, juggling, unicycling, fire eating

Special Blend, Montreal - dance duo, acrobatics, mime, martial arts

Just Us, Halifax - juggling, magic, dance, comedy



Special note: More and more performers are adding audience participation to their acts.