History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 2001 - Year 13

Carnival #13 was the Year of the Volunteer an appropriate recognition of the all-volunteer Waterloo Busker Carnival. People are reminded that the carnival is not-for-profit. No one gets paid to organize and run it. Everyone is a volunteer even the Chairman and committee members.

Festival of Fools, a fundraiser for the carnival was moved this year to The Atrium in Waterloo City Centre. Then from August 23rd to 26th, the 2001 version of the carnival carried on tradition with the free BBQ , Opening Ceremonies, daily busker performers, Kidz Day, the Late Night Adult Show, and The Vaudeville show.


The 2001 lineup of buskers included:

Alakazam, Australia - comedy, contortionist, 12 foot pole balancing

Anti-Gravity, Kitchener - fly fishing comedy

Chalk Circle, New Zealand - painting and chalk artistry

Cowguys, Ottawa - circus, western skills, magic, comedy

Dado, Edmonton - comedy, balloon bending

Davio, Montreal - acrobatics, pole climbing

Hawaii 2-0, Toronto - comedy

Hot Nuts & Popcorn, Calgary - vaudeville, comedy, improv

Miss Fire, Australia - rhythmic dancing, fire feats, club swinging

Miss Information, Edmonton - mobile info booth, comedy

Mr Bunk - comedy, rope walking, stunts

Nick Nicholas, New Zealand - magic, comedy

Reid Belstock, Denver - clowning

Seams Like Magic, Kitchener - balloon artistry, face painting, comedy

Stickelback Plasticus, UK - comedy, ballroom dancing, acrobatics