History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 2003 - Year 15

The 15th anniversary of the Waterloo Busker Carnival promised to have something for the whole family. Chairperson, Jennifer OConnor told everyone to "expect the unexpected, prepare to laugh, be charmed, and amazed."

Festival of Fools kicked the carnival off on Wednesday night at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery followed by Opening Ceremonies the next day featuring a free BBQ and cake sponsored by CHYM-FM, 570 News, and M&M Meat Shops. Buskers filled the street pitches for the next 4 days.

Kidz Day on Friday included such special entertainment as The Silly People, the music of Mike Ford, and Bertoit the Explorer. An indoor vaudeville show was held at Waterloo Stage Theatre for $15 admission. Kidz Day was back on Saturday during the day and at night, it was adult time at the Late Night Adult Show. It all wrapped upon Sunday at 4pm with the Family Vaudeville Show. Every busker performed a mini show and the proceeds went to the carnival to support next years event.

Heres the busker lineup for 2003:

Ash Circle, Halifax - music, dance, fire

Aytahn, Montreal - theatre, comedy, circus

The Leopardman, Scotland - hand balancing, juggling, hoola hoop, clowning

Mark Segal, Scotland - comedy, ladder balancing, juggling

Rob Torres, New York - mime, comedy

Rubber Boy, California - contortion, escape, comedy

Handsome Little Devils, Colorado - juggling, comedy

Jason McPherson, California - balancing, manipulation, comedy

John-Paul McKendry, Australia - battle axes, whips, knives, medieval

Tesseract, Vancouver - acrobatics, theatrics, comedy

Tomko Lamb, Calgary - unique music

Daniel Nimmo,, Australia - rope walking, magician, manipulator, comedy

Zandra Bell, Alberta - comedy

The Silly People, Kitchener - balloon artistry, comedy

Seams Like Magic, Waterloo - balloon artistry, clowning, face painting

Junkyard Symphony, Ottawa - music on everything including the kitchen sink

Master Lee, New York - comedy, martial arts

Kim Potter, New Zealand - comedy, circus

10 years later, Aytahn returns as a busker fan favourite for the 25th anniversary of the carnival in 2013.