History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 2004 - Year 16

The carnival started off well enough on August 26th and was ready to run right through to Sunday, August 29th. Festival of Fools, the annual busker preview and fundraiser on the Wednesday evening, went off without a hitch. Opening Ceremonies on the Thursday and a solid Busker day on Friday had the carnival in full swing. Then, the rain came on Saturday and washed out the remainder of the carnival.

For the first time in its 16 year history, The Family Vaudeville Show that ends the show on Sunday was cancelled due to the constant downpour. That meant that much needed fundraising for next years carnival went down the drain.

This years carnival featured a full schedule of busker performances, locations, and times so busker fans could plan their evening or day. There was also "An Evening of Variety" at the Waterloo Stage Theatre on Friday at 7:30pm and again at 10pm with a $15 admission. If the whole carnival had been indoors, there wouldnt have been an issue. But these are street performers and truly, thats where they are meant to perform.

Here are the rained out buskers of 2004:

AcromaniAcs, Hamilton - acrobatics, stunts, comedy

Aidan Orange, Toronto - contortion, balancing

Bongo Bolero, England - circus, comedy, theatre, movement

Checkerboard Guy, Vancouver - juggling, crazy comedy

Dan Show, Winnipeg - juggling, fire eating, circus tricks

Dubbike, Montreal - acrobatics, cycling, comedy

DynaMike, Toronto - comedy, stunts, ladder tricks

Etienne, Maryland - comedy

High Strung, Toronto - aerial, acrobatics, stunts

Hokum, Syracuse NY - vaudeville, music, comedy

John Hicks, England - oversized artworks, artistry to music

PitterPat, Florida - face painting extraordinaire

Stitch, Maine - juggling, comedy

Thom Sellectomy, Michigan - sword swallowing, fire eating, stunts, comedy

USA Break Dancers, NYC - break dancing, acrobatics, comedy

Checkerboard Guys third appearance at the carnival. He would return in 2013 for the 25th anniversary as the only busker to appear at the very first busker carnival in Waterloo.