History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 2010 - Year 22

There was something special about the 2010 carnival that ran from August 26th to 29th. All the usual events were in place including the Festival of Fools fundraiser on the 22nd, Opening Ceremonies, the Adult Show, and the Family Vaudeville finale. Yet, there was a unique chemistry to the busker lineup that was fresh and exciting. Michele Schroder, Director of Entertainment for the carnival, had pulled together a group of buskers that would include not one but four fan favourites at the 2013 25th anniversary of the carnival.

2010 also featured a different twist to the advertising and branding of the carnival. In addition, the new website from 2009 was enhanced under the technical guidance of Waterloos own Christopher Lane, Montana Publishing.

To top it off, the weather was absolutely amazing. The 2010 Waterloo Busker Carnival was sizzling from start to finish and busker fans showed their appreciation with some of the highest "hats" (money put into the busker hats for their performance a street performer's income) ever in their personal history.


The electric lineup of 2010 buskers was:

LAccordniste Automatique, Vancouver - mime, accordion

Alakazam, Australia - contortion, comedy, high pole balancing

Becky Hoops, Montreal - hoola hoops extraordinaire, comedy, improv

Dave Cox Dangerous Comedy, New York City - juggling, unicycling, balancing, comedy

Bike Boy, England - bicycle stunts, comedy, juggling

Chalkmaster Dave, Toronto - chalk artistry extraordinaire

Fireguy, Toronto - skateboarding feats, fire eating, juggling

PitterPat, Florida - face painting extraordinaire

Bob at Large, Utah - juggling, unicycle, comedy

The Collector, California - wacky, crazy comedy

Savage Amusements, California - physical comedy, improv

The Real McCoy Show, Vermont - comedy, improv, juggling

Rob Roy Collins, England - escape artist, comedy

Wacky Chad, Massachusetts - comedy, pogo stunts, unicycle

Juggle Bugs, Ottawa - juggling, unicycle, comedy

Street Circus, Winnipeg - acrobatics, contortion, clowning, circus stunts

Toronto Batman, Toronto - batman impersonator

Alakazam was making his 4th appearance at the carnival after appearing in Waterloo in 1999, 2001 and 2005. There was no doubt that the crowds loved him. Chalkmaster Dave wowed everyone with his incredible sidewalk art. It marked his first appearance at the carnival. It wouldnt be his last.


Another first was the appearance of Dan and Kim as Street Circus! Dan had surprised Kim at the 2009 carnival with a proposal of marriage. They would be married in September of 2010 not long after the Waterloo Busker Carnival. Unfortunately, Kim had injured herself so Dan carried on with the act. It was a disappointment for both the couple and busker fans that would be rectified in 2011.



Becky Hoops made a huge impression in her first appearance at the carnival. Her "Barbie and Ken" act and incredible hoola hoop stunts made her an instant favourite. What people on the street didnt realize is that Becky also hosted the special media event where she surprised carnival Chair, Randy Warren, by pulling off his shirt, replacing it with a tie, and calling him her Ken. It was that same charm and personality that endeared Becky to her Waterloo audiences.