History of the Waterloo Busker Carnival: 2012 - Year 24

The 2012 carnival might be called the year of the Australian buskers with 5 acts from down under in the lineup. But it was also the year of the Guinness World Record attempt by Victor Rubilar. Victor mesmerized the audience at the Opening Ceremonies with a world class display of soccer ball dexterity. The Circus Firemen hosted the event with great comedic flair. They even involved Mayor Halloran (Waterloo), Randy Warren (carnival chair), and Paul Fryer (Sun Life Financial) to break a "world record" balancing a soccer ball on their head (for the least amount of time!). Victor would demolish his former world record which can be seen in the media section of the busker website.

Other highlights included the CFLs Grey Cup on display in the Sun Life Financial tent and Bendy Ems interview on the Noon News of CTV Kitchener where she squeezed herself into a 16 inch square Perspex box. Again, the weather was incredible, and the buskers were in fine form. Heres part of the 2012 schedule:

The 2012 lineup of buskers included:

Bendy Em, Australia - contortionist, comedy

Cate Great, USA - acrobatics, juggling, comedy

Circus Firemen, Australia - acrobatics, juggling, ladder balancing, comedy

Ganja the Great, Australia - bed of nails, sword swallowing, comedy

Kate Mior, Toronto - mime, living statue

Mat Velvet and Charlie Show, Quebec - wheel, acrobatics, comedy

Reality TV Me, Australia - comedy, hoola hoop, audience participation

Rueben DotDotDot, United Kingdom - contortion, acrobatics, high pole, comedy

Street Olympics, England - hurdles on fire, gymnastics, comedy, audience improv

Strings on Fire, Australia - violin, balance, comedy, fire, stunts

The Renfrews, Ottawa - RCMP-like maneuvers, garbage can steeds, comedy

Victor Rubilar, Argentina - soccer ball juggling, comedy, free styling

Street Olympics was actually Rob Roy Collins (2010 carnival) and was dedicated to the Summer Olympics held in England.


Ruben DotDotDot, also from the U.K., was a huge fan favourite at the carnival so much so that he was invited back for the 25th anniversary in 2013. His incredible acrobatics and balancing ability have to be seen to be believed.



Torontos own, Kate Mior, fascinated busker fans with her Marie Antoinette and of course, her delightful wind-up doll. People would form circles around the Canadian mimes performance stand at King and Willis Way in UpTown Waterloo. Children would run out to be gently twirled by the hand while onlookers took photos and applauded. Its still amazing how Kate could perform in her incredible costumes for so many hours in the blazing heat.


2012 also marked the year that Michele Schroder, Director of Entertainment, was awarded National Volunteer of the Year in Sun Life Financials nationwide program. An employee of Sun Life Financial, Michele directed her $10,000 award to the 25th anniversary of the carnival in 2013.